Follow the Dream in Your Heart

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

I once heard someone say “Don’t give up on your dreams…unless your dreams are really, really stupid.” That may make you laugh but I have found that there are times when you have a dream in your heart that is SO BIG that you
My Super/Pro 69 CamaroHAVE to act on it. However, beware of the “dream crushers”.

Case in point, back in the ‘80s I had a creative idea to build a miniature “practice tree” for drag racers. If you don’t know anything about drag racing, there is a starting tree, which is a stand of light bulbs that flash down at half second intervals. Three yellows then a green. The idea is to launch your car as close as you can to the green without starting too soon, in which case you will get a red light and be disqualified.

Here’s an example video, the guy in this video was right on the mark launching his car from the starting line.  He cut that start as close to the green as you possibly can. Click on this video below, while you are at it, crank up the volume, go full screen and and go along for the ride. (Listen to this guy shift to second gear while the front wheels are 4 feet off the ground!) You will see the “tree” in the background on the left of the car. Watch for the 3 yellow lights, then the green.

So enough background on drag racing, lets flash back to the 80s. I had an idea to create a practice tree to help drivers get consistent reaction times (Launching your car as close as possible to the green light, without tripping the red light) I did not have a clue about how to create something like this so I went to an electrical engineer that I was working with and pitched my idea.

Do you know what he said? “That’s a stupid idea, who would ever buy that?” (dream crusher) Do you know what I said? “Wow, I thought it was a great idea, I guess not.” And walked away from the dream in my heart because of what ONE PERSON said. (dream crushed)

But that idea kept rolling around in my heart; it was bugging me! Then finally, two years later, I went to a different electrical engineer and pitched the same idea. The response, “WOW! Great idea! Let’s make a mock up I will show you how to do it.” What a difference! My idea went from dream crusher to dream builder.

Over the course of the next 3 months I drew up a complete 3 page schematic and purchased parts from Radio Shack (Yes! Radio Shack) and designed the first working prototype. It worked GREAT! However, the week I finished my prototype a company called PortaTree released the first practice tree reaction timer to the market place. Two weeks later another company released their version of a practice tree. I was two years too late because I bought the lie of a dream crusher. Today both of those companies are multi-million dollar companies. Can you say ouch?

If you have a dream in your heart, be very careful who you share that dream with. Beware of the dream crusher! If you have a dream in your heart ACT on it immediately!

I remember the time I had the opportunity to talk to Carman of Carman Ministries back stage at one of his concerts. He suddenly looked at me and said something by the Spirit that I will never forget, “Sometimes you are waiting for the limo to come by and pick you up and take you to the dream in your heart, but the only thing that comes by is a beat up pickup truck. Take the pickup truck! The limo is on the way.”

Follow the dream in your heart!
Your limo is on its way.
Ralph E Peterson

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Ralph Peterson

Ralph Peterson is a graduate from University of Saint Thomas, School of Business Mini-MBA (Small Business Administration/Management) Over 30 years of combined experience in Video Marketing & Website Development.

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  1. 2nd November 2016 | Nick Cifonie says: Reply
    Nice article.... now YOU should create a mobile app that does the same thing! Turn it into a racing game and make a million on ads, lol.
    • 9th November 2016 | Ralph Peterson says: Reply
      Thanks Nick! There is actually an app out there for reaction time. There is a "Drag Tree" app right here: Drag Tree Ralph
  2. 10th January 2017 | Coachrj says: Reply
    Ralph...I have had similar experiences many times. I believe it is meeting the right people, at the right time the great Lord puts before you. You never know who it might be...the Spirit guides us when we stay open with Him, right? He sends us someone, or to someone, that visualizes the same "Light" bulb from the switch He flipped. May you be guided by that "Light" with your brilliant mind...peace BTW...(Bare with a "True" story) I dragged my first brand new motorcycle (1984 Silver Kawasaki GPZ 750) back in 1984 in Brainerd, MN for my first drag was a "Spectator Race" on Sunday after the Super Bikes raced the weekend. There were about 100 bikes in my class..A new friend of mine, I met riding, and I got to go head to head on our first run (He was a virgin dragger as well.) After my first-ever burn on a track before my first race (The smoke and smell of burnt rubber encompassed the entire existence of me and the cycle as the smoke wrapped the tires rotation) , my Starting Tree reaction time was horrible (Someone told us to rev the engine super high and pop the clutch...they were seasoned racers wanting a good laugh). With our rear tires glued to the rubberized asphalt, we both hit the throttle and popped the clutch lever. Needless to say, we both went down the track front tire in the air for half the track. The crowd was still huge from the weekend event, as this is the "Big event" after the main events are over for the weekend...after the run, I am informed the crowd was cheering abroad the spectators, however the announcer was also commenting, over the speaker system, "Those two look great going down the track, but they sure aren't getting anywhere." LOL...I as well, tanked on my dialed time, however I disqualified my (New friend) opponent. OK, all that said...somehow, I figured out how to innocently hit the Starting Tree right. I really didn't know anything but like you said, "Come closest to the green you can," in addition closest to your estimated time you dialed into the officials before you ran the track, I was told." I still really didn't have a clue what I was doing. All I knew was, when I came to the booth at the end of the track, there was a beautiful girl handing me my time (She said she was really impressed and kept batting her gorgeous blue eyes at me and her blond hair flailing in the afternoon breeze of the afternoon)...When I came back to the starting line after every race, everyone couldn't believe my "Reaction Time" to the Starting Tree. I may not be remembering the times right, but I seem to remember .043 was my consistent time and my best was .038..."I may have missed my calling " they all told me... OK...believe it or not, I make it all the way to the last six draggers out of the hundred in my class...Not only did I have a run for at least $100 Bucks, and possibly $500 if I win the last race for the championship, the girl at the end of the track in the time booth now says, "You win this next race, I'm going to give you big wet kiss when you meet me at this booth"...She was sincerely serious, to put it mildly. TOTALLY! Took me off my game...on top of that, my next race was up against a modified 70 something 750 Hondamatic (An automatic shifting beast with wheelie bars behind the fattest rear tire I've seen on a cycle.) It was completely decked out with a wild gold custom paint job (I've never seen before,) pin-stripping, really Kool racing windshield, a super wide slick rear tire, super skinny front tire, and the driver lying on his stomach. Talk about double trouble intimidation...Her, and now this beast! Climax to the story...or maybe, lack of (Although, I was having the time of my life.) I hammer the .038 out of the gate on the starting tree, I killed my reported dialed time to the officials over my opponent's, and "Smoked" the beast in the other lane! I am immensely excited thinking, "I'm "The Mack Daddy,"" I win at least $100 from that point on, and maybe $500 by winning the rest of the races. Remember, I'm 18 yrs old...the best part, I was to receive the "Soft Wet Kiss," and hey! Maybe even a date...who knows! Phlegmatically...I boldly stroll up to the booth with the lovely sweet gal occupying it's vacancy, anticipating puckered lips in waiting. Mind you, I'm on my brand-new 1984 Silver, Blue and Red Pin-stripped Kawasaki GPZ 750 Crouch Rocket (First of it's kind in that market of motorcycles,) my attire clothed with silver-grey matching leather jacket, black leather gloves, silver-grey leather boots, and smoked shielded Shiny Red Shoei Helmet...and of course, the circa-popular faded holey Levi Jeans... Kicker...Feeling mighty confident, I am! Inside my brain bucket graciously grinning ear-to-ear, flipped up my blacked-out smoked visor, raised my eyebrows, grin still permanent, anticipating my well-deserved juicy Schmack-on-the-lips for my victory. I slowly slide off my spendy black leather gloves one finger at a time and proclaim, "I'm ready for my grand prize over any monetized gift...please honor me with your perquisite bestowal (debonairally toned, of course.) She greets me with an inviting smile, hands me my time slip, and says.........."You RED-LIGHTED!"........... Arrant Buzz Kill, to put it humbly mild...I fade away from one of God's enlightened creation, tail between my legs... Crushed by disheartenment, I rendered to controversial street road-racing in my wonder years of youth, alluding red and blue cherries atop black and white Interceptors, only leaving them in the I once encountered the glory of virgin love of both the track...and a blond blue-eyed blessing charm bounded by heavenly grace. I think I crushed my own dream on this one... :-O Cheers my Friend... All the Best, Rick
    • 12th January 2017 | Ralph Peterson says: Reply
      YOU RED LIGHTER! Crazy story dude! You need to blog about that... Oh wait! You just did! HA!
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